About the Festival

The 6th annual Cincinnati Festival of Faiths will begin on Sunday, August 27, 2023

Compassion Through Action: Dwelling Together in Peace and Justice

This year, the festival will begin in-person with the exhibition at the Cintas Center on Sunday, August 27. Virtual programming will follow from Monday through Thursday, Aug. 28-31, more information to come.

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Faith Communities represented in EquaSion’s Cincinnati Festival of Faiths since its first year (2018)

BuddhismSikhismMaronite Catholic
ChristianityUnitarian UniversalismNational Baptist Convention
Center for Spiritual LivingZoroastrianismNon-denominational
Church of ScientologyAfrican American Episcopal (AME)Presbyterian
HinduismAfrican American Episcopal Zion (AME Zion)Roman Catholic
Indigenous/Native AmericanChristian Methodist Episcopal (CME)Swedenborgian
IslamChurch of Christ, ScientistSyro-Malabar Catholic
JainismDisciples of ChristThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
JudaismEastern OrthodoxUnited Church of Christ
New Thought UnityEpiscopal/AnglicanUnited Methodist
PaganismEvangelical Lutheran Church of America

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